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Estimate Request

Do you know what to ask when getting a quote for a job like this?


You may laugh and smile or learn something, and maybe I will save you time and money… who knows?

I get these calls all the time:
Hello I want an estimate for “X.”

My thoughts are:
To do what job? For what reason? What kind of parts? What will this accomplish? How do you know if the estimate is fair or not? Answer is YOU DON’T, I DO!

Since you don’t know, the biggest waste of time is to call shops and compare prices without any facts. And even worse for you, is to pick the cheapest price based on no facts! Or, you just waste other shops time only to go back and use the information against the shop you are working with. Not nice. There is a better way that is fair for everyone.


This is why I took the time to put this link on my site. I am happy to review any written estimate for repairs or service due, and let you know what I see, and help you to spend your money wisely.

The purpose of an estimate is to outline what you need, why you need it and what it will cost to repair, based on parts and labor. Here is where the details are most important!

Labor with time and labor rate by the hour: for example 2.5 hours at 125.00 per hour

Parts needed: cause of failure: why do you need this part?
What is REASON TO replace this part?
part name and part number & if new/OEM/Aftermarket
Used/remade and by whom/

Example of good repair estimate details:

1 new OEM factory part provided by (name of parts producer)
with 12 month part and labor warranty
number 124455 alternator: $622.00
this will replace unit that is discharging.
labor is 3 hours calculated at $125.00 per hour.
Warranty is voided by: ____________________


“Service” these days has changed. If you have a newer car your light has been “SET” to go off when you need service and you go in and they do whatever & now you need whatever, you may want to know preventative service is  what keeps your car on the road.

Then you call and ask: How much do you charge for a service?

The best service & maintenance plan is based on actual need. To know actual need, I examine your car, your records and advise you from there. Imagine a plan you understand that is based on actual needs and your budget. Service that makes sense and that keeps your car happy and safe and on the road!

So as you can see with parts & service needs, making an informed comparison is like the ingredients you cook with, and you get what you pay for. There are many companies who sell and produce parts, but all is NOT equal and you NEED to know what to ask as your time, money and maybe your life depends on it.

My company is happy to review ANY written estimate for service or repair work you were given. Please feel free to use the information on this page to get a factual estimate so you can make educated decisions. Even if we decide not to work together maybe I have been of some help to you.

Submit estimates by email to: